Temple Sinai Schedule, Liturgy & Music

Services Schedule

Please visit our calendar for the dates and times of upcoming services.


Liturgy & Music

Temple Sinai addresses the diverse needs of its congregants by using a wide range of prayer books including the Mishkan T’filah, as well as our own Sinai Siddur. We recently began using the Mishkan Hanefesh for the High Holy Holidays. Services for special occasions are prepared and conducted by members of our affiliates as well as the Rabbi and Cantor.

The music at Temple Sinai is as diverse as the congregation itself and is an integral part of the worship experience. Music ranges from mid-nineteenth century composers such as Lewandowski, Sulzer, and Naumbourg through mid-twentieth century composers such as Isadore Freed, Max Janowski, and Max Helfman to modern contemporary composers such as Leon Sher, Julie Silver, Allen Leider, Erik Contzius, Dan Nichols, Steve Dropkin, and Debbie Friedman. A professional choir accompanies Cantor Colman.

The Temple is justly proud of its two pipe organs, our Sanctuary’s magnificent 1927 E.M. Skinner Organ and our Austin Organ in the Feibleman Chapel. Family and Youth services generally feature¬†guitar accompaniment.