Temple Sinai would like to congratulate member Lisa Heller, who became a Bat Mitzvah this past Thanksgiving weekend.

Lisa’s Bat Mitzvah ceremony is the culmination of a lifelong goal: to be able to read prayers in Hebrew.

Lisa started learning Hebrew in the mid-1990’s, receiving tutoring from the daughter of a friend. But life took over and she abandoned her dream until last year, when she heard about Temple Sinai’s Beginner Hebrew class.

“When I told my newest Hebrew teacher, Ann Kientz, that I had thought of becoming a bat mitzvah,” Lisa said in her Bat Mitzvah speech, “she encouraged me and told me how doable it was. So doable, in fact, that she encouraged me to set a goal date within the year.”

So Lisa buckled down and worked with Ann, as well as Cantor Colman, to perfect her Torah portion Vayetze (which fittingly is about Jacob working to complete a decades-long goal).

Lisa is extremely grateful for the encouragement and support from her husband Mark and daughters Becky and Maddie. She is also grateful to her dogs, “who listened to my stumbling attempts to learn the prayers and sometimes took a bite out of my Hebrew homework.”