Bob Brickman and Billy Rippner on their election to the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Crime Commission

Jennifer and Jason Cohen on the birth of their daughter Aubrey Louise Cohen

Donald Gaver, Biomedical Engineering Department Chair of Tulane University, on being part of Tulane’s I-Corps grant

Felicia Kahn on her 90th birthday and being the second-oldest delegate at the Democratic National Convention

Jay H. Kern on the marriage of his daughter, Cindy Beth Kern, to Ryan Austin Stein. Cindy is the granddaughter of the late Clifford H. Kern, Jr. and Nettie H. Kern

Arvilla and Cliff Kern on the birth of their granddaughter Eleanor Renée Kern, daughter of Chelsey Leruth and David Kern

Audrey Sternberg Raphael on the birth of her great-granddaughter Louise Sternberg. Mazel tov as well to Louise’s parents Brelan and Scott Lehman Sternberg, and to Louise’s brother George Lehman Sternberg

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Sheen on the marriage of their daughter Dr. Melanie Anne Sheen to Mr. David Seth Tucker. Additionally, Mazel to Melanie on the completion of her Fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the James W. Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Melanie and David will be moving back to New Orleans, where Melanie will join the practice of Jayne Gurtler and Associates at Metairie Oncologists