If you have driven by Temple Sinai recently, you may have noticed the giant crane lifting equipment onto the roof of the Calhoun Building and the Sanctuary, or seen the workman outside. This work has started because Temple Sinai’s fifty plus year old air conditioning and heating system in our Sanctuary has finally given out. It seems that nobody would want to come to High Holy Day services in their bathing suits if we had no air conditioning in the Sanctuary. To avoid that situation, our Sanctuary is now getting an emergency air conditioning and heating system replacement, partially through a generous support of the Goldring family who has made an initial leadership gift so that this emergency replacement could start now and be ready for Rosh HaShanah. You may know what your 3 ton A/C unit at your home costs, so you can imagine what a 110 ton unit costs. Accordingly, we have undertaken a new Capital Campaign during our 150th anniversary to raise the funds necessary to pay for this emergency replacement work. Along with the 110 ton A/C unit, we need to change duct work and old wiring. We need to install insulation in the cavernous Sanctuary attic and replace the original Sanctuary ceiling lighting with to new modern energy saving LED lighting to reduce the heat buildup. Our beautiful Tiffany chandeliers will also be refurbished with new modern energy saving lights and wiring. In addition to our Sanctuary needs, we also need to replace the seating in the Chapel,
upgrade our security systems and become more ADA compliant. Finally, we will also be raising funds for a maintenance endowment so that we
can preserve these new improvements for future generations. Since we commenced this capital campaign a few weeks ago, we have seen a significant response from our members. However, we are incurring major emergency expenses and we will need the generous support of all from all of our Temple Sinai family to restore our facilities. When you receive the call to help preserve Temple Sinai for today, and for future generations, I hope that we can count on your contribution.

Jay Corenswet
Capital Campaign Chair

Temple Sinai undergoes emergency repairs to sanctuary building