As many of you have heard, there was a fire at the DeLimon Place condominiums on Saturday, February 2. All of the residents were safely evacuated, but substantial damage was incurred. I am sad to report that our Rabbi Emeritus Ed Cohn and his wife Andrea were among those whose condos were substantially damaged. They are now displaced. In addition, we know of at least three other congregants who were similarly affected. Our leadership team has been in touch with these individuals or their families to ensure they are safe and have support, and we are awaiting further instruction on how we can best help them in their time of need. We will do all that we can to be a source of comfort and support to all who have been touched by this tragedy. 

Rabbi Cohn and Andrea are safe and located in temporary housing, but their belongings and condo are a nearly total loss. It will take much time to recover. We are in touch with Rabbi Cohn, Andrea, and their daughters to ensure they have whatever they need in the short term, and also to assist with longer-term recovery. We are working with the family to pinpoint specific needs.  

Many of you have reached out to Rabbi Cohn and Andrea or the Temple’s leadership team to inquire what can be done to help. We ask that anything you would like to offer be directed to the Temple office. Cantor Colman will be a point of contact and will deliver items to the Cohns. As everyone who went through Katrina understands, the offers of help are most appreciated, but can be overwhelming, with many decisions and demands on Rabbi and Andrea. While we wait for a specific list of items to donate, financial donations can be made to our Rabbi Emeritus Fund via check, credit card, or the Temple website.  

We will keep everyone informed as best we can. Rabbi and Andrea appreciate your support and we will work to help all of our Sinai families affected by the fire.