Through the month of December, the rabbinical search committee held skype interviews with many of the candidates that submitted applications for our Senior Rabbi position.  These interviews were incredibly engaging, and as a committee, we learned about the candidates and the way they relate to their current congregation as a Senior Rabbi and as a part of their communities.  The questions that were asked were consistent throughout the interviews and reflected the core principles that we as a congregation reflected upon during our surveys and focus group meetings of this past summer.  We appreciate the time taken by the rabbinical candidates with us and their level of candor.  They are all very impressive men and women who have clearly made a positive impact on the lives they have touched.  Out of this process we have selected four candidates to come and visit us in New Orleans, principally in the month of January.  In these visits, the search committee will be evaluating the candidates further as only an in-person visit can accomplish. There will be interaction with our clergy and some senior staff.

To share the next steps in our process:  After these visits we will be further evaluating the candidates and narrowing down to perhaps two final candidates.  The search committee will then likely visit the candidate’s home congregation to gain more insights.  If there is agreement to continue, we will invite candidates again to New Orleans to this time have wider congregational presentation, so that we all may have an opportunity to interact and get our own impressions.  A Rabbinical candidate will need to be recommended by the search committee, voted to be approved by our board and then approved by a congregational vote.

I would like to again thank the members of our search committee who are spending many hours in service to the congregation and are dedicated to a thoughtful, balanced and transparent process.  As noted earlier, the composition of the committee was determined under our constitution.  Members include Judge Robin Giarrusso (Board Executive Vice President), Tracey Dodd (Board Vice President), Jack Benjamin, Jr. (Board Member), Hope Meyer (Board Member), Cary Becker (Board Member), Gene Fendler (Past President), Sandy Levy (Past President), Bonnie Aronson (Sisterhood Co-President), Joanie Tuchman (Sisterhood Co-President), Tim Gold (Brotherhood President) and myself as the chair.  Please feel free to reach out to any member of the committee with any questions.

Thank you again for continued support to this process!

Bob Brickman